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Cattle Feeder Panels

Learn about the many styles of Cattle Feeder Panels and without any sales hype, just information.

Save With Cattle Feeder Panels

Cattle Feeder Panels are built and used for the one main purpose of preventing feed waste, maintain fresh feed availability and save money in your feeding program. There is no one size fits all when it comes to cattle feeder panels though so you will need to do a little shopping to be sure you are getting the right one for your needs. There are many equipment manufactures scattered pretty well all over cattle country so it should not present much of a problem to find your kind of Cattle Feeder Panels in close proximity to your ranch.

Versatile Cattle Feeder Panels

Tombstone Cattle Feeder Panels

Tombstone Inline Cattle Feeder Panels

Cattle Feeder Panels come in many shapes and sizes. You can find them adaptable to most any feeding needs or arrangements. One of the least talked about but one of the most versatile is the Tombstone style Cattle feeder panels. They are built in a manner to allow horned cattle to gain easy access to the feed without interfering with their horns. They are also convenient for taller animals because there are not closed in bars over the top. Due to their design most Tombstone style Cattle Feeder panels are built to much stronger specifications than many of the other styles.

Popular Style of Cattle Feeder Panels

Fence Line Cattle Feeder Panels is one of the more popular and widely used styles. They are generally used as the fence and you put the feed bunk on the outside of the pen for easy feeding and to keep it away from the animals except to eat. This style makes the feed or hay available free choice but is designed to prevent waste because the animals are unable to trample it or bed down in the feeding area.

Fence Line Cattle Feeder Panels are built for easy feeding of square-bale, loose hay, silage or other bulk feed in the fence line or corner. You can also use them inside barns or sheds as barriers between the feed and the cattle. Cattle feeder panels are available in different heights with the 50 inch model being one of the most sought after. Some of the fence line cattle feeder panels are built in a manner to allow you to construct your own hay feeders that will allow your animals access to feed from one, two, three or four sides. Cattle feeder panels that are constructed with S bar openings are better for controlling smaller calves because it makes it much harder for them to crawl through. Cattle Feeder Panels that have a good coated finish that will give them a longer life when used in outside weather conditions are usually best for most cattle farms. The S bar design with a hay saver panel gives even more added protection for preventing calves from getting inside the feed bunks.

Creep Cattle Feeder Panels

Creep Cattle Feeder Panels

Creep Cattle Feeder Panels

Creep Cattle Feeder Panels are designed with an adjustable horizontal bar that will allow just enough room for a calf to get through and hold the adult animals back. Creep Cattle Feeders are good to use between pastures or as a stall or shed entry for calves only. Creep feeding calves may not always be a profitable feeding regime so the Creep Cattle Feeder Panels are less popular than most of the other styles.




Slant Bar Cattle Feeder Panels

Slant Bar Cattle Feeder Panels

Slant Bar Cattle Feeder Panels

Slant Bar Cattle Feeder Panels are generally made in sections 10 or more feet in length and used in a continuous line. They may even be referred to as Continuous Slant Bar Feeder Panels. They are constructed to be assembled as continuous feeder panels and come with connectors to slide or pin together to make a solid feeder panel fence line as long as you need. This type of Feeder Panels needs to be made from strong metal material of 14 gauge or stronger and should have a continuous sheet of metal about 16 inches high on the bottom.  You can also get this same type of Cattle Feeder Panels for bunk line feeding and they will not need the metal along the bottom because the feed bunk will act as the barrier. They are referred to as Continuous Bunk Line Cattle Feeder Panels.