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Beef Cattle

Recommended information and resources for anyone starting a new beef cattle enterprise or currently operating one.

Recommended Reading for Starting a Beef Cattle Enterprise

Beef Cattle Farm     When starting to raise beef cattle for the very first time most individuals think of starting with a cow-calf enterprise. Here are a few items to help you determine if such an enterprise will be best suited for your beef cattle facilities and acreage. A little advance research and study may help you solve most of the problems before they happen.

Some Things for Consideration on a Beef Cattle Farm

  • A cow weighing approximately 1100 pounds will consume 22 to 33 pounds of forage or 1/2 a square bale of grass hay each day. Determine the typical stocking rate for land in your area to find out how many cows your acreage will support. Locate a source for the additional feed and hay you may need.  If your typical beef cattle stocking rate for native range is 10 acres per animal unit, then it would take 100 acres to support ten animal units, assuming all 100 acres produce grass and are grazable. One cow and calf is typically considered one animal unit.
  • Most beef cattle breeders consider it may not be economically feasible to own a bull for fewer than 10 to 15 cows. Bulls require even more feed than cows and are hard on facilities and fences.
  • A beef cattle cow/calf enterprise is not something you can easily discontinue today and start back up next month with the same exact genetics. When drought reduces available forage, producers must either buy expensive feed or sell some cows to prevent overgrazing. This is the time when cattle prices are lowest. Then, after rains  have  come  and  grass  has  grown, producers buy  more  cows  when prices  are  highest. It will not always be easy to avoid this sell low/buy high strategy on every operation.
  • Safe and secure facilities will be needed for managing large animals and the expense is pretty well fixed at about the same total cost for a large or small beef cattle herd. This may make the cost per animal for a small beef cattle herd pretty high.
  • A beef cattle cow/calf operation requires considerable animal husbandry skill.  A beef cow represents a fairly large investment per animal. Naturally, the owner is economically and humanely compelled to care for the animals. Some newcomers may discover that illnesses, injuries, birthing complications and preventive health programs often intimidate them or require more training than was expected. Competent large animal veterinary services close to your farm may be hard to locate in some areas. Animals must be transported to a veterinary clinic in a trailer or the producer must find a veterinarian willing to make “house calls.”

     The one thing not mentioned above is how much enjoyment you will get from being a beef cattle rancher. Many times this alone can make everything else seem very minor. Do your research though and it will help you get more enjoyment out of the beef cattle farming if you decide it is for you.